Our Males

Touche’s Playing With Fire








IMG_1886 (1).jpg











GCHB CH Touche’s Bravado “Rhett’s Daddy”



8 thoughts on “Our Males

  1. Sharon O’Banion says:

    I had a 15 year old chin named Wayne that passed away on July 10th. I’m very interested in getting another one. My phone # is 7138250964

  2. Michael and Tina Brickey says:

    Hi! My name is Tina Brickey and my husband’s name is Michael. I spoke to your husband on the phone just a few minutes ago. We have been searching for the next perfect addition to our family. We have been watching videos of the Chin’s and the Bolognese and the Chin’s have captured both of our hearts. We currently have our Princess Lucy Basset Hound finishing chemo therapy, so we are not in a rush for a puppy right now. But we wanted to get on your list for the future. We are praying Lucy will recover fully and want a puppy to play with and have fun.

  3. Dean Dixon says:

    Rhett is a very pretty boy. I saw his picture on Instagram. His color is really lovely, I used to handle dogs many years ago and so many of the reds had poor pigment. This guy excels in that department. I only showed a few but I love the temperment. A tad stubborn, they like to test you. A breed with a sense of humor and a real sense of self. I have a Chihuahua who will be 17 next month and I know her time with me is measured. I think my next kid will be a Japanese Chin.

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