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  1. Anonymous says:

    We first saw your beautiful Chins at a dog show on OKC. We were really not interested in purchasing another pet at the time, however we fell in love with the Chin. Fast forward to today, our sweet Zero is about 5 yrs old. You did not have any puppies at the time and we bought him from Chin if Touché. We absolutely LOVE this dog and his personality. We have an okder Chihuahua Maltese mix who is nearing the end of his years with us. When that time occurs we will purchase a FEMALE, lol, puppy and if I remember correctly you have SMALL Chins! My husband loves tiny dogs.

    Now, am I correct about you being who I talked with many years ago about your tiny puppies and if so what are your prices for pet puppies.

    Terry Halphen

  2. Karen Rall says:

    I am interested in a retired male to be a little brother to my 2 females who are 6 and 7. One, a Tsunami I have had since a puppy and the other is a retired Teabear girl I adopted earlier this year as I was no successful finding a male at the time and had the one girl alone and very unhappy. I lost my Touche male last year at 11.5 years and really miss that male personality as a mix in the home. I will never forget Dale handing him to me at Ft Worth airport – he was my first Chin and make me a follower of the breed. . If you have any who are retired now or will be retiring soon, I would love to know. I have opted out of considering puppies as I feel the girls would prefer an older dog and frankly I too am very fond of the more adult personalities..

    Your photos are beautiful. By the way, we live in Clearwater, FLorida.and the email is krall1720@gmail.com, Thank you

  3. Cheryl Looney says:

    I am looking for a small male Chin of show quality.
    I recently lost my Chin after 14 years and I miss him terribly. Please let me know if you have any puppies available.

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