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Pickles the Chin bodyguard


Welcome to Tuxedo Japanese Chin, your Japanese Chin Breeder in Edmond, Oklahoma! We found our first love “Bella” in 2007 in Texas.  After just a few months, we knew that the Japanese Chin was the breed for us. We soon knew that we would be dedicated to the betterment of the breed standard and got Bella a boyfriend. Currently we have two females whom have their very own personalities and we love them both! Their antics are limitlessly entertaining!!!!!

Training & Temperament:

Bred as man’s companion to live in palaces in the literal lap of luxury, the Chin’s only job has long been to charm, amuse, and comfort the humans they own. Fastidious self-groomers and graceful afoot, they are distinctly feline in nature. Indeed, because the Chin is not an overly noisy breed, it has been said they can be as quiet as a cat. These are smart, sensitive, occasionally stubborn little humanoids that are quick to learn “as long as they think it is their idea.”

The Japanese Chin will always be trying to entertain you and make you smile! They are very clean dogs and are almost “cat-like” in their mannerisms. Some can be lap dogs and some can be quite independent. All of them however, want to be with their people and are very loving and loyal.

Did you know that the Japanese Chin…

Is an excellent watch dog?

Is a loveable companion dog?

Has never been recorded for biting a human?

Doesn’t need to e professionally groomed?

Will sing and talk in their own special way?

Is odorless?

Can be trained to use a litterbox?

Tom & Sharon Compise

Edmond, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma


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56 thoughts on “Home

  1. Bill McWilliams says:

    Im wanting another Chin. I’ ve loved a lost Toby, Sake, Shushi and Hai. All lived a wonderful and healthy life in my home and fully enclosed back yard. I have a good little guy now. He’s a Havanese breed who is sweet but lonely. We need another Chin with us. Can you help ?

  2. Marcia Hunter says:

    I’m looking for a black and white Japanese Chin for my daughter. She rescued one several years ago, a little female that was horribly abused in a puppy mill, and due to all of the horrible things she indured, her little life was cut short. But my daughters family loved her so, and gave her a wonderful life her last few years. I would love to find her another one. Was wondering what you have. Thank you!

  3. vicki Mcgovern says:

    Hello, I am impressed by your charming chins.I have always had a chin as a companion.We have a fenced yard references and we are retired. I would like to have another chin to love and spoil. We just want a pet[would be neutered or spayed}We live in NW Arkansas.Do you have puppies now? Do you every have adults that need a home after retiring from the shows? I would like to talk to you about your darling babies Thanks Vicki Mcgovern

  4. tuxedochin says:

    Thank you. Currently we do not have any available puppies but may very soon. We will keep in touch. Please send email so that we can add you to waitlist

  5. Pat Fitch says:

    We have had two Japanese Chins for 16 years. We lost one a month ago to an enlarged heart. We are looking to adopt another one. We love this breed. So adorable and so lovable. Please help us. Thank you.

  6. Pat Fitch says:

    Thank you for the reply. We are so very interested in adoption. We have a Motorhome and can come to you to visit and pick up any Chin puppy. We are looking for a pet not a show dog. Please keep us on your waiting list. Email is twodogs013@verizon.net. Thank you

  7. Anna zaccarekki says:

    Looking for a little teacup female Japanese chin excellent little companions please email annazaccarelli,yahoo.com

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am looking for a deep red and white Chin or a Tri colored Chin as a friend for my 1yr old spayed female chin.

    Please put me on your list.

  9. Susan Caswell says:

    I am looking for a Chin/poodle mix. Do you know anyone that breeds them? I lost my little Bandit, that we had for 11.5 years. I LOVED him and his mix. Any help finding someone that breeds them would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Karen Woodworth says:

    We got our Vinnie from Tom and Sharon yesterday and he is simply incredible. He is litter box trained from the start and slept most of his first night without a sound! It is obvious that these puppies are raised with the greatest of love and care. Tuxedochin are truly professional, with a thorough passion for Japanese Chin. We are completely thrilled with our puppy!

  11. John and Elba Hernandez says:

    We concur with Karen Woodworth’s post. We picked up our Remington on Friday and he has been more than amazing, using the litter box, sleeping through the nights, even likes to ride in the truck with us, not bad for 9 weeks old!!! Thank you Tom and Sharon !!! We plan on visiting you again later this year for a “little brother” ..

  12. Sharon Bruton says:

    I’m looking for a chin for my daughter. Do you have any available? She really wants a girl but they are really hard to find. I’m in Texas but I would be willing to travel.

  13. Denny Salinas says:


    We’re wondering if you’ve ever considered taking the content from tuxedochin.com and converting it into videos to promote on Youtube using Content Samurai?

    It’s another ‘rod in the pond’ in terms of traffic generation, as so many people use Youtube.

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    Kind Regards,

  14. JS says:

    Our little Jackson had the best foundation for a great life at Tuxedo Chin. He was very well loved and cared for, and visibly sad to leave them, He’s smart and funny and smells good and his little paws are so nicely trimmed and he’s SUCH a happy little guy. Sharon and Tom are incredibly gracious and kind and went over and above to help me pick him up during a short window of time at the airport, and even gave us a goody bag with treats for the flight home. Jackson is a perfect fit for our family, and my daughter and I are completely over the moon with him.

  15. Nicki Smith, Omaha, NE says:

    Do you have plans on having another litter? I am looking for a female to breed with my son’s male. I don’t want to do this as a business just for fun loving pets.

  16. Eileen Allen says:

    Our Tobi passed after 13 years of bringing light and love to our family. We were so looking forward to a puppy we had picked to come of age but the breeder has decided to keep him for breeding.This is after we have followed his progress since the day he was born. Needless to say we are weary of breeders from the heartbreak. Will you have any pups available? Our Tobi was from Oklahoma,we are thinking that and your great reputation will be good luck for us to find a new pup. I hope you will agree.please call me at 8187041500 or text me at8183173711 if we can be placed on your wait list.
    Thanks Eileen

  17. Cheryl Little says:

    We have 2 chins aged 11 and 12 we love them dearly and would love to have another what is the price range of your chins?

  18. Valerie Dumond says:

    I am interested in bringing a new chin into our family. POOKAH, is my 10 yo chin. I am only interested in a companion dog, I am not breeding. Could I please get on your waiting list? Thank you.

  19. Courtney Walters says:

    Hi there,
    I recently lost my little girl a Japanese Chin of 11 years. She was truly my little angel. Coming across your site really has given hope. As she was purchased from a pet store & little did I know at the time the complications of health that tagged along w/ that purchase. Anyhow she brought such joy like no other dog I’ve had. How much are your pups & am definitely wanting another little friend. Lmk when available & colors . Your are beautiful. Thank you so much,
    Kindest regards,
    Courtney Walters

  20. Kellie says:

    Hi I’m looking to add a female chin to our family. Experienced with chins. Would you have any available in the next 6 months?

  21. Kathy Gilman says:

    We are looking for a puppy to have as a companion for our 1 year old chin. Please put us on the waitlist and keep us informed of any new litters.

    Michael and Kathy

  22. JEAN KARPINSKI says:


  23. Mrs. Andrea DiMichele says:

    Been looking for a AKC healthy sable boy pup since summer. Can you e-mail me so we can connect. I couldn’t get your e-mail to respond. Appreciate it.

  24. carol keeton says:

    I am wanting a one of a kind tiny girl please say there is hope and put me on a waiting list. Yes I am serious and can wait.

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