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 My mom and dad are having more babies like me!



Pickles the Chin bodyguard


Welcome to Tuxedo Japanese Chin, your Japanese Chin Breeder in Edmond, Oklahoma! We found our first love “Bella” in 2007 in Texas.  After just a few months, we knew that the Japanese Chin was the breed for us. We soon knew that we would be dedicated to the betterment of the breed standard and got Bella a boyfriend. Currently we have two females whom have their very own personalities and we love them both! Their antics are limitlessly entertaining!!!!!

Training & Temperament:

Bred as man’s companion to live in palaces in the literal lap of luxury, the Chin’s only job has long been to charm, amuse, and comfort the humans they own. Fastidious self-groomers and graceful afoot, they are distinctly feline in nature. Indeed, because the Chin is not an overly noisy breed, it has been said they can be as quiet as a cat. These are smart, sensitive, occasionally stubborn little humanoids that are quick to learn “as long as they think it is their idea.”

The Japanese Chin will always be trying to entertain you and make you smile! They are very clean dogs and are almost “cat-like” in their mannerisms. Some can be lap dogs and some can be quite independent. All of them however, want to be with their people and are very loving and loyal.

Did you know that the Japanese Chin…

Is an excellent watch dog?

Is a loveable companion dog?

Has never been recorded for biting a human?

Doesn’t need to e professionally groomed?

Will sing and talk in their own special way?

Is odorless?

Can be trained to use a litterbox?

Tom & Sharon Compise

Edmond, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma


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21 thoughts on “Home

  1. Valerie Dumond says:

    I am interested in bringing a new chin into our family. POOKAH, is my 10 yo chin. I am only interested in a companion dog, I am not breeding. Could I please get on your waiting list? Thank you.

  2. Courtney Walters says:

    Hi there,
    I recently lost my little girl a Japanese Chin of 11 years. She was truly my little angel. Coming across your site really has given hope. As she was purchased from a pet store & little did I know at the time the complications of health that tagged along w/ that purchase. Anyhow she brought such joy like no other dog I’ve had. How much are your pups & am definitely wanting another little friend. Lmk when available & colors . Your are beautiful. Thank you so much,
    Kindest regards,
    Courtney Walters

  3. Kellie says:

    Hi I’m looking to add a female chin to our family. Experienced with chins. Would you have any available in the next 6 months?

  4. Kathy Gilman says:

    We are looking for a puppy to have as a companion for our 1 year old chin. Please put us on the waitlist and keep us informed of any new litters.

    Michael and Kathy



  6. Mrs. Andrea DiMichele says:

    Been looking for a AKC healthy sable boy pup since summer. Can you e-mail me so we can connect. I couldn’t get your e-mail to respond. Appreciate it.

  7. carol keeton says:

    I am wanting a one of a kind tiny girl please say there is hope and put me on a waiting list. Yes I am serious and can wait.

  8. Jackie Saxer says:

    Lost my Japanese Chin to CHF on Oct, 2022. Looking for a another tiny girl pet quality. Hopefully you will have some future litters . Thank you!! Jackie Saxer

  9. Dana L Hayes says:

    Our Japanese Chin of 11 years just passed away. He was one of your companion pups we purchased 11 years ago in March. We miss him so much and are wondering if you have any puppies available? They are the best family members!

  10. Dana L Hayes says:

    Looking for Japanese Chin puppies. We’ve had 2 from you over the past 20 years. Yoshi, our 11 year old just went to heaven a couple of weeks ago. He is missed dearly.

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